Editor-in-Chief - Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Turkevich V.Z.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief - Doctor of Chemistry Solozhenko V.L.

Responsible secretary - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Kolodnitsky V.М.

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International Editorial Board

Bondarenko V.P.

Maystrenko A.L.

Bochechka O.O.

Oleynik G.S.

Velikanova T.Y.

Pashenko E.O.

Devin L.M.

Perevertaylo V.M.

Kazimirov V.P.

Prikhna T.O.

Klimenko S.A.

Sokhan S.V.

Kostornov A.G.

Filatov Y.D.

Lavrinenko V.I.

Shulzhenko О.О.

Loginova O.B.

Prof. V.D. Blank,
Research Center for Superhard Materials,
Troitsk, Russia

Prof. A.V. Nozhkina,
Moscow, Russia

Prof. V.V. Brazhkin,
Institute for High Pressure Physics,
Troitsk, Russia

Prof. A. R. Oganov,
State University of New York,
New York, USA

Prof. T. Cui,
Jilin University,
Changchun, P. R. China

Prof. B. Palozs,
Institute for High Pressure Physics,
Warsaw, Poland

Dr.  Y. Le Godec,
University Pierre et Marie Curie,
Paris, France

Dr.  T. Taniguchi,
National Institute for Materials Science,
Tsukuba, Japan

Prof. E. A. Gregoryanz,
University of Edinburgh,
Edinburgh, UK

Prof. S. Veprek,
Technical University Munich,
Munich, Germany

Prof. J.A.N. da Jornada,
Instituto de Fisica-UFRGS,
Porto Alegre, Brasil

Prof. H. Vollstadt,
VDiamant GmbH,
Seddiner See, Germany

Prof. V. I. Levitas,
Iowa State Univesity,
Ames, USA

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